Siempre en mi coazón


Happy Tumblin Tuesday!!

Help me to help u understand??????

Siting her and thinking to myself what’s the next step for me in life.. I travel alot, Im always having FUN. I love my job.
Idk … But I will be 30 soon so I do hope something spectacular happens.

I do believe I deserve something just don’t know what it is yet …

If you felt like you deserve to have something what would it be?


It’s crazy how you be so ready to be there for your love ones but when your in need ….they are no where to be found.



Today I had a very rude customer. Sometimes lifes throws you these small tantrums to see how much you’ve grown. It takes alot to keep your composure and learn patience is a virtue.

WeAllgotThatOneFriend who you can talk on the phone w/ you for hours. :D

WeAllGotThatOneFriend that isn’t a real friend… #SadTruth

WeAllGotThatOneFriend who doesn’t care how busy I am, they know that I’ll always have time for them.

WeAllGotThatOneFriend that complains that you never hit them up like the phone doesn’t work both ways